Valbona takes to Marca Fair the taste of the territory

Valbona02With 80% of its production meant for private labels, this Company whose premises are in Veneto, specialized for over 50 years in the canning industry, and which from 2013 has been present in the fresh segment with its dedicated brand ‘Magie della Natura (Magic of Nature)’, is inserting itself as a leading Company for its productive and innovative skills, for the service it offers, and the know-how it built over the years.

Federico Masella, marketing manager of the company, explains: ‘Valbona has a wide experience gained over decades of activity in this sector, many investments and resources have been and will continue to be meant for private label, because this sector gives us great satisfaction, both in Italy and abroad. Quality certifications, rigorous control of incoming raw materials, carefully designed production procedures, flexibility, and speed are just a few reasons why Valbona for years has been chosen as partner by major groups operating both in Italy and abroad. But above all, the innovation with which we propose ourselves on the market identifies us. In such a saturated market as the one of vegetable preserves, it becomes important to show up with new recipes, which meet consumers’ tastes and comply with market logic. A road we are successfully following, for example, is the one of production of regional specialities, choosing PDO and PGI raw materials and encouraging local supply chains’.

From north to south, there are many regional references that characterize the production of this company: PDO Carciofo Spinoso di Sardegna (artichoke with thorns from Sardinia), PGI Red Onion from Tropea, PGI caper from Pantelleria, PGI Radicchio from Treviso, and the entire range of olives coming from various Italian areas characterized by high vocation for olive growing.

The close relationship of Valbona with the territory is evident not only in the selection of vegetables, but also in the choice of the ingredients that are used for producing such references as PGI Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and controlled and guaranteed denomination of origin Chianti Wine Vinegar, as well as by developing recipes that are inspired by endless culinary traditions of the Italian regions. Some examples are ‘Accenti (Accents)’, the new line of Pickles, and such other new products as Grilled Fennel and Grilled Pumpkin, without forgetting sauces and pâtés, which are also produced according to tradition.

Federico Masella continues: ‘All the processes of the production chain are reliable and safe, a warranty that begins on our suppliers. The commitment the company devotes to this delicate phase of selection of the best raw materials is such as to provide, in some cases, even the pre-financing of horticultural campaigns, in order to support farmers and help them in obtaining excellent productions. Valbona also directly controls some typical Italian chains, such as artichokes, cultivated in Puglia and Sardinia, as well as dried tomatoes of Calabria and Salento. The company also provides for the direct cultivation of basil in Sardinia’.

Valbona records excellent performance even across the border, where the taste for Italian food culture continues to achieve success. 30% of Valbona references are precisely intended for foreign markets. Next to the strengthening in Europe, where the Company has operated with success for some time, Valbona aims at expanding in such other territories as the Asian, South American, Australian markets.

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