A new pure tomato pulp from the Delta Park by De Rica

di Adriano Palazzolo

There is a new pure tomato pulp coming to supermarkets and stores by De Rica, historical brand of canned tomatoes. It is called “Pura polpa di pomodoro vallivo” and it is a fine pulp with unique features, which come from the type of tomato chosen for the production.

This tomato is grown and processed very close to the transformation site and harvested at the right stage of ripeness to ensure an integrated supply chain with low environmental impact. It grows in Delta del Po National Park, a 18000-hectar untouched and unspoiled area where there is no sign of industrial contamination.

The short and closed productive chain ensures a total control, from the seed to the finished product, to maintain high quality standards, such as a real local production, since proximity to the transformation site allows the harvest only in the heart of the season, and a very thin tomato peel, since there is no worry of juice loss during the carriage. “Pura polpa di pomodoro vallivo”, as well as all De Rica’s products, is certified Friend of The Earth to the sustainability of agriculture and SA8000 for Social Responsibility.

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