Val Venosta: how to give value to apples

According to Benjamin Laimer, Trade marketing manager VI.P., “working with large-scale retail trade for Mela Val Venosta is crucial to find engaging and informative communication solutions in the store that can promote the product and guide consumers to a good choice amongst the many varieties of apples that are emerging”.
An excellent example of this collaboration is the exclusive space for Val Venosta apples, an promotional area designed with a strong visual impact created within the fruit and vegetable department: an engaging space, entirely dedicated to apples that invites custumers to stop by.
“For the future”, concludes Benjamin Laimer , “Mela Val Venosta confirms the interest of intensifying and widening the collaboration with its large-scale retail trade partners to provide a more qualified consumer service that helps him in purchasing choices”.

Biofach has been a “key event” for Bio Val Venosta

“BioFach was for BIO Val Venosta a key event because we are a guarantee both for customers who are being served by us for years and for potential new contacts”, said Gerhard Eberhöfer, Sales Manager of BIO Val Venosta, who made an evaluation of how things went during the last exhibition, that held in Nuremberg from the 15th to the 18th of February.
“We are a major player, so that BIO Val Venosta is amongst the first places in Italy and Europe as a producer of organic apples, in terms of quantity and quality”.
In the European market, for the company the demand increases between 5% and 8%, therefore "we are happy to say that prices are stable, on a slightly higher level than the average of recent years", Eberhöfer added.
“This year, BIO Val Venosta will end its organic stocks in late June, because of a decline in production due to spring frost, but I am sure – he said - that this exceptional event will be related only to the 2016 campaign. Our goal for the coming years is to provide organic apples to our customers for 12 consecutive months: we have a growth program for the future which will see an increase of 50% of productive hectares in the next three years, to confirm our leadership in Europe”.

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