Asiago PDO flies to Asia for Thaifex

From 31st May to 4th June Asiago PDO will be in Bangkok at the fourteenth edition of Thaifex – World of Food Asia, with a presentation and tasting area in Hall 2, Stand H08. The annual event is the main exhibition dedicated to Food & Beverage in South East Asia, with exhibitors coming from 40 countries and professional visitors from the ASEAN states, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the USA.

During the event there will be guided tastings of Fresh Asiago and Aged Asiago and demonstrations on use of the Italian cheese with protected designation of origin in the catering sector.

Types and authenticity

Asiago cheese is a semi-cooked cheese made from cow's milk from farm animals bred in the provinces of Vicenza, Trento, Padova and Treviso, in the Veneto region. The farms are located at 600m above sea level. The cheese is produced in dairy farms located in the same territory.
Ageing time
Depending on the ageing time, Asiago is distinguished as "fresh" or "pressed" Asiago (aged for at least 20 days) and "aged" or "ripened" (aged for at least 3 months). The aged Asiago is divided into "mezzano" (aged from 4-6 months), "vecchio" (aged for 10-15 months) and "stravecchio" (aged for more than 15 months). The more Asiago is aged for, the more the taste passes from a sweet flavor typical of the "fresh" and "mezzano" cheese to a stronger and slightly spicy flavor of the "vecchio" Asiago cheese, finally reaching the maximum intensity and richness of flavors of the "stravecchio" Asiago cheese.
Elements and symbols
The elements which certify the authenticity of each piece of cheese, guaranteed by the Consortium, which supports the Asiago cheese makers are:
- the casein stamp (casein plates are applied on the cheese when still warm, and they are progressively numbered to identify the date of production and the producers of the milk that has been used),
- the cheese logo
- the serial number (identifies the dairy farm)
- the name “Consorzio tutela formaggio Asiago”(The Consortium which protects and supports Asiago cheesemakers.)

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