Tradition and innovation at the heart of the Italian Pavillion

Angelo Poretti Brewery is the official beer of the Italian Pavillion - Expo 2015. «We are delighted to have Angelo Poretti Brewery on board - said Diana Bracco, General Commissioner of the Italian Pavillion for Expo 2015. We have a great responsibility: to enhance the excellences of Italy and to keep alive the Italian cultural roots projecting them into the future. That's why we are particularly pleased by the partnership with the Brewery Angelo Poretti, a historic brand that combines tradition and innovation».
La Fiorita_Vivaio Riva-156«We are very proud to have been chosen to participate to such an important event for Italy and not only. The presence of the Brewery Angelo Poretti marks the company's return to where it all began back in 1881 when Angelo Poretti got his definitive consecration participating in the National Exhibition in Milan - says Alberto Frausin, Managing Director of Carlsberg Italy. For the Brewery Angelo Poretti this will be an opportunity to tell and bring to life its story made of tradition and quality, but also of continuous innovation».
The historic Brewery of Valganna (in the province of Varese), founded in 1876 and now part of the Carlsberg Group, will have a special placement in the heart of the Italian Pavillion, at the intersection of the Cardo and the Decuman, where visitors will enjoy the best beers by the Brewery. The gastronomic aspects will be coordinated and managed in collaboration with ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine, ranging from workshops, cooking show by young Italian and international chefs, as well as providing interactive information on sustainability issues. Carlsberg Italy, in fact, is the first brewing company in the world to be certified EPDs for its products, thanks to the analysis conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Research on Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy - Università Bocconi on its beers with the aim of assessing the environmental impacts throughout all the products’ life cycle.

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