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Carlo Bocchino

More than 115 years of history, tradition, and passion for the art of distillation: this is the identikit of the ‘Distilleria Bocchino’, founded in 1898 by Carlo Bocchino, who, coming back from Argentina, decided to create his own company with the goal of using the marc of Moscato di Canelli (in the province of Asti). At that time, after the vinification process, marc was discarded and thrown into the river Belbo. This dream was continued with devotion by his heirs, who, through the decades, have enabled this company of Asti to be known and appreciated at first in Northern Italy, then throughout the Country and in the world market. Today, Carlo Micca Bocchino, founder’s great-grandson, alongside with his two daughters Marta and Miranda, who are the fifth generation of their family, leads the company with the aim of making innovation in continuity with a wealth of experience and knowledge which has lasted for more than a century.

Riserva Carlo Bocchino, but not only...
5_Riserva Carlo bocchinoAmong the company's products appreciated all over the world, the ‘Grappa Riserva Carlo Bocchino’ is a unique distillate in limited production. It was born from the assembly of grappa produced from different vines of Piedmont and the harmonious synthesis of the best vintages. It is subjected to steam distillation, refinement in oak barrels, and slow and patient aging, until it acquires a deep, intense colour, as well as scent rich in lasting hints of vanilla and tobacco and a rich, velvety, and elegant taste. 8_Cantina Privata21 anniCantina Privata 21 anni’, then, is intended for connoisseurs and it is especially appreciated in Northern Countries. It is the first vintage grappa, created in 1968 in order to celebrate 70 years of the Company. Only a selection of the best vintages joins ‘Riserva della Cantina Privata’, conceived and desired by Marta and Miranda’s great-grandfather, who was the first who had the idea of leaving grappa to rest in the wood, so that it ennobled itself and became rich in such precious notes as 10_Cantina_Privata_Tubo_Moscatocinnamon, tabasco sauce, and raisins, as well as honey, peony, morello cherries, and chamomile tones. Among the ‘new born’, in 2013: ‘Cantina Privata Moscato Sauternes Cask finish’, the grappa characterized by the most transverse taste, obtained by the distillation of Muscat’s marc with discontinuous stills, and aged in Sauternes wine barriques. Its colour is intense, with amber and gold reflections, its scent offers aromas of vanilla and concentrated of dried apricots and jasmine, and its taste is full and soft, with exceptional duration on the palate. These specifications earned it the Gold Medal in the ‘San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014’, the most important and respected competition for spirits in the United States.

Artisan and refined packs
All the packaging by Bocchino are artisanal and handmade. Marta Micca Bocchino specifies: «The design that inspire our packaging is elegance; as a matter of fact, our packs reflect refinement, taste, and grace of our spirits. Through our packaging, we add value to our product, turning it into an article which results to be attractive for the consumers who may not need it, too. It is important to induce our potential customers to fall in love with our grappa at first sight! In addition, a good packaging is able to offer the buyer a greater sense of satisfaction in comparison with a fairly packaged product. For instance, we have created screen-printed bottles with special processing, able to ennoble the distillate; it is the case of our new Cask Finish grappa. The Riserva Carlo Bocchino, however, is enclosed in a casket realized with opaque black wood with a screen-printed engraving in shiny gold, while the bottle is marked by a special mould, ‘crowned’ by a g 900 golden cap, and adorned with the gold medal obtained in the ‘Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2013’, recently reconfirmed in 2014».

A targeted distribution and starred collaborations
These spirits, made in harmony with nature and their land, are the result of a high selection of marc of Monferrato and Langhe and are exported, for about 25% of annual production, through importers specialized in catering and gastronomy. Marta Micca Bocchino, Responsible Person of Sales and Marketing, explains: «Besides Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, whose markets have been consolidated for many years and in which we continue to grow, we are investing in new Countries, including Turkey, Russia, and China. We address a demanding audience, able to understand both authenticity and excellence of our grappa. For this reason, in Italy, too, we provide a targeted distribution, besides through large-scale retail trade, in the best restaurants and wine bars, too. We have also conceived an unusual path, alternative to traditional consumption and for enhancing our grappa: so, we took advantage of the collaboration with mixologists and starred chefs, who have been able to offer us moments of haute cuisine, with such unique cocktails and desserts with grappa as the ‘Italian Cosmo’ cocktail, realized by the manager of the Park Hyatt Bar, Andrea Rella, with Grappa Moscato Sauternes Cask finish, or the ‘Tortino di Marroni’, a pie with chestnuts created with Riserva Carlo Bocchino, designed by Massimo Camia. Italian character, quality, land, and environmentally-friendly policy are the values ​​which have always characterized our excellences, both in Italy and abroad, where we can compete with the big international spirits thanks to our grappa characterized by a long aging in oak barrels and where we aim at growing more and more in the coming years». 13_italian_cosmo



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