To be part of Veneto’s winemaking tradition

IMG_7781-Brindisi 5-Febbraio 2012 mr‘Vigna Dogarina’, at Campodipietra, in the province of Treviso, is a little oenological gem wine. Sheltered by the Dolomites and favoured by a privileged location south of Conegliano, Vigna Dogarina takes full advantage of the climatic conditions of this land and the alluvial and clayey soil, in which the 150 acres of vineyards it owns find their ideal growing conditions, that give to the wines a distinct character and flavour. Vigna Dogarina, roused by the enthusiasm and determination shown by its young General Director, Romina Tonus, is the standard-bearer of big autochthonous vines, such as ‘Incrocio Manzoni Bianco’, ‘Carmenère’ and ‘Raboso del Piave’, and it mainly produces ‘Doc Prosecco’ and ‘Vini del Piave’, as well as a small part of ‘DOCG Prosecco’. This company primarily addresses the Horeca channel and in small part the large-scale retail trade and is now able to interpret consumers’ tastes in an international perspective. It exports about 45% of its total turnover in more than 20 Countries worldwide. IMG_9341-Vigneto con grappolo di prosecco 1-Agosto 2011 mr

The Dogarina Line 
The wines of ‘Dogarina Line’ are refined, with a definite character, flavour, and prominence. They are produced in a million bottles, equal to half of the entire production of the company. They are BRC, IFS, and ISO 9001 certified and are exported for about 27% outside the national boundaries, especially in Albania, Germany, and Estonia.

Manzoni-Bianco-Spumante-Brut-di-DogarinaAmong the novelties of the vineyard and winery of the company, ‘Manzoni Spumante Bianco Brut’, created by the winemaker Alberto Caporale and result of a rigorous job, emerges. This sparkling wine was born from the union between the richness of salt marsh which characterize the calcareous and clayey soil of the vineyards of Dogarina, and the successful realization ‘Incrocio Manzoni’, experimented more than a hundred years ago by Luigi Manzoni, professor at the School of Enology of Conegliano. It will be be produced in limited edition. It presents a rich complexity of scents, delicate floral notes, a strong minerality, and a very fine and persistent perlage, obtained from a long stay in autoclave on yeasts. This wine, characterized by elegant packaging, closely linked to the quality of the product, is presented in a transparent bottle with copper-coloured capsule, prominent logo, and stylized label placed in transparency.

The Cà di Pietra Line
The moods communicated by the wines of ‘Cà di Pietra’ line are colour, joy, liveliness, and refinement. This line consists in a selection of 5 labels created in order to win young audience’s eyes and palate. These wines and sparkling wines are fresh and fruity, characterized by refinement, ideal for accompanying buffets, appetizers, food between meals, and all the moments of consumption typical of the new generation and not only these one. Linea Ca' di Piera DogarinaThis line is produced in about 60 thousand bottles and includes ‘DOC Prosecco Treviso Brut’, ‘Spumante Brut’ in its white pearly version, ‘Spumante Rosé Brut’, ‘IGT Terranova Cabernet’, and ‘IGT Bucintoro Chardonnay’. A modern and attractive packaging distinguishes these wines: all the layouts have been created in order to express at their best the characteristics of each vine, and their colour combinations bring into close relationship both shape and material of the silkscreen printed bottle. These wines are  meeting great success on the international markets: 90% of this line is exported abroad, especially in Japan, Belgium, and Netherlands.

Quality and sustainability
RominaTonus sett2011Romina Tonus explains: «Quality of our products and a young and professional team are our strengths. We are members of the Consortium ‘Vini Venezia’, which includes the historic production areas of eastern Veneto, and our production is protected by the DOC Piave. This DOC today is the only one which counts ‘Manzoni Bianco’ among the authorized wines; further interest is also found in ‘DOC Colli di Conegliano’. Over the years we have acquired a level of organizational quality that today allows us to make a constant experimentation, aimed at improving every process and customer satisfaction. In addition, for some time we have cultivated an ambition: to bear witness to our commitment for environmental sustainability through the ISO 14000 environmental certification. We also aim at consolidating the existing markets and reaching new ones, especially in Asia and America. Our greatest satisfaction? It certainly consists in consolidating our brand and managing in the enterprise of spreading the quality of our products both in Italy and abroad».


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