A sparkling emblem of the Italian style

bicchiere spS. Pellegrino water flows from sources at the foot of Alps and it is recognized as one of the best waters on the market at the international level. It is exported to 130 Countries by means of branches and distributors spread across the five continents.
It has been known since the thirteenth century. Its springs were appreciated and visited by famous personalities who helped to spread its fame. The water of S. Pellegrino sources reached its greatest popularity in the late nineteenth century, and in 1899 the Society for the bottling of San Pellegrino water was founded.
Its particular composition, which is acquired during the contact with the special rocks of the aquifer, gives it a richness and balance in mineral salts that make it particularly tasty and palatable. This result is enhanced by its balanced carbonation, which makes it even more pleasant, sought-after by refined gourmets, who are more and more interested in consuming highest quality water, able to blend with courses and drinks, so that the pleasure of food is more comprehensive and fulfilling.

Bottling and packaging under control
The entire bottling process takes place in the plant, one of the most complex and advanced ones in Europe. In 1899, the ‘Società Anonima delle Terme di San Pellegrino’, owner of the source, began to bottle this water in order to sell it, so starting the myth of San Pellegrino mineral water. In just 5 years, the plant produces as much as 50,000 bottles per day. During the bottling process, numerous and constant controls are carried out. They ensure the maintenance of the features of S. Pellegrino water. In 2010 the goal of one billion bottles produced in total in a year by this plant was reached. The plant was built in 1961. It has 10 operating bottling lines, which work 24 hours a day in order to meet the demand of mineral water, soft drinks, and aperitifs which comes from more than 120 Countries. In order to ensure the highest quality of S. Pellegrino mineral water, great attention is also paid to the monitoring of the materials used for the packaging. Therefore, an internal department is devoted to constantly check that bottles, caps, labels, glues, boxes, and cans perfectly comply with the rules, according to the high quality standards set by the company as well as guidelines laid down by the food safety standard ISO 22000.

image.aspS. Pellegrino water is an icon of class and refinement on the most elegant tables all over the world. Love for food and pleasure of being together are part of the Italian nature. Inclination for beauty and a bent for excellence are instinctive traits, as innate as elegance and creativity which allow S. Pellegrino water being a sparkling symbol of haute cuisine and Italian way of life.

S. Pellegrino water, appreciated by important personalities and celebrities all over the world, is preferred by big international productions, movie stars, and famous directors. The typically Italian quality and verve of this sparkling water make it a true symbol of the style of our Country. For a long time S.Pellegrino has become an international icon of the Italian way of life, on TV as well as on the big screen. Although it has been an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival since 2009, the close link of San Pellegrino with visual arts dates back to 1960. More precisely, it can be seen at the debut of ‘La Dolce Vita’, the Oscar winning movie realized by the great director Federico Fellini, where the most memorable scene is framed by the roaring water of the Trevi Fountain, while the red star of San Pellegrino stands out from a billboard in the background. It is the same red star which winks today from the small screen, too, especially in such hit TV series as Sex and the City, Doctor House, and Eli Stone, once again witness of the prestige of S.Pellegrino water as a status symbol in the world.
S. Pellegrino is one of the founding members of ‘Fondazione Altagamma’, a Foundation whose main purpose consists in promoting internationally the top of Italian industry and its culture. This style and class are reflected in the spirit of the brand, as well as in the wide range of big names and associated at the international level. For quoting just a few of them, such famous Italian brands, well known all over the world, as Missoni, Ferragamo and Bulgari are valuable partners of S. Pellegrino.


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