The worldwide database of food safety

Safety For Food (S4F) is the project of a technology platform that has as its primary aim the creation of a " global database " of food safety that allows the entire food chain, the responsible authority and consumers to get a complete product traceability, according to rules and international standards for safety, quality and food origin.
Safety For Food is operated by Penelope SpA, an Italian company services and ICT consultancy with extensive experience in the food industry. Penelope has developed the platform ValueGo® with the help of Cisco Italy.
Safety For Food offers a tool to govern, track and manage more effectively all the processes that need to ensure the healthiness of what comes to the table, allowing to set a preventive action for food security based on  a full sharing of the information generated at each point of the supply chain: from production, processing, distribution, to the point of sale. The platform combines the best practices in quality control (tools, parameters, methods of analysis , etc.) with the most advanced collaboration technologies (diagnostics, tracking, connectivity, communication) and therefore allows to create a common knowledge base accessible to all the actors of the supply chain.
This means having a tool that helps the individual company but also all the food chain to identify a risk before it turns into a finished unsafe product: a critical advantage in the European as well as international  industry where the task to ensure food safety is entrusted to self- directed enterprises which must take the measures provided for by the rules - and subsequent verification by the public Institutions responsible for the effectiveness of the solutions adopted by companies, with product analysis and controls following specific reports received by consumers.
Safety For Food concerns also the exchange of agricultural and food products between countries, with the aim of involving companies, national and international agencies and Institutions, thus creating a further opportunity to defend the value of Made in Italy  - that in 2013, according to recent estimates (projection Coldiretti on Istat data, November 2013) will have generate exports for 34 billion euro - and providing a powerful tool against counterfeiting food. In addition, Safety For Food enables companies to give even more value to their own brand and to the quality and safety of their food, in respect of its market and consumers.

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