Quality vinegar even for the Ho.Re.Ca. market

The fourth and fifth generation at the helm of Ponti, a family that has made the history of Italian industry from 1867. Since 1965, Ponti gives way to a policy of expansion which includes the acquisition of vinegar making major competitors, thus creating a diversification of production, and conquering international markets with individual references created specifically to foreign consumers. In addition, the production of vegetable preserves in oil, pickles, olives and sour, until the creation of a new brand, Peperlizia, created in 1986 to define a new area of more refined taste for consumers. With a strong position in the classic wine vinegars market, Ponti give a strong impetus to that of Modena Balsamic Vinegar, that had maintained a nearly local market until 1991, when Ponti acquires the 80% of Modenaceti, a company based in Vignola, in the heart of the production of Modena Balsamic Vinegar. Today, Ponti is a leader in the market of classic wine Vinegar and Modena Balsamic Vinegar, with a daily capacity of 450.000 bottles on an area of 150.000 square meters and 4 plants: Ghemme (province of Novara) where there is the historical headquarter, Dosson di Casier (Treviso), Anagni (Frosinone) and Vignola (Modena). Ponti Vinegar is exported in 67 countries, covering Europe, the Far East and Australia.
Ponti, already a leader in the retail market, has signed a major agreement with Riso Gallo, Food Service Division, for the distribution of its products even in the Ho.Re.Ca. (hotel, restaurant, catering) market. Ponti’s aim is to consolidate its position in this market, relying on a qualified sales network.

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