The world export of Italian cheese broke its record in 2018

The positive balance of the trade of the dairy sector is growing and for the first time in history exceeded one billion euros. The data published by ISTAT for 2018 confirm an unstoppable trend: exceeded 418 thousand tons and 2.7 billion euros.

Exceptionally positive data, despite the fact that 2018 did not show particularly important growth rates (+0.7%), due to a sharp contraction in the USA.

Mozzarella is once again the undisputed queen of exported volumes, with just under 100 thousand tons, followed by Grana padano and Parmigiano reggiano, which reached 130 thousand tons.

The most important area continues to be the EU market, which, with 318 thousand tons, absorbs three quarters of all our dairy exports. The American continent with 10% of volumes (40 thousand tons), extra-EU countries (6%) and Asia (6%) follow.

The free trade agreement did well to our market, as stated by Assolatte. Some examples: South Korea, among the first to sign an agreement with the European Union, increased the import of our cheeses by 237% since the signing of the agreement, exceeding 3 thousand tons. A little less than the entire China which, with 3,600 tons, achieved a more than promising + 7.1%.

Even the much debated agreement with Canada has paid off. Exports of fresh cheeses in Canada tripled. Finally, the performances recorded in Japan were very good: +3.5%. A result destined to improve thanks to the entry into force - on February 1st - of the agreement with the European Union.

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