The unexpected Made in Italy: Mozzarella di bufala from Treviso

Usually made from buffalo milk from the Campania, and now a Venetian cheese: Mozzarella di bufala from Treviso. From the intuition of Bortolo Minato in 1992, in response to the crisis that referred to beef cattle, the “Tre Comuni a Istrana” farm in Veneto began the breeding and production of mozzarella cheese made from local buffalo milk.
"The decision to merge two cultures, the mozzarelle di buffalo from the Campania region and the Venetian cheese - says Ivan Minato one of the owners - has proved successful.

This is how the “La Bufala di Treviso” was created. The packaging shows the complete chain from cultivation in the Treviso country to the production of the buffalo cheese of Treviso, in fact we were able to create a wide range of references, with buffalo milk, ranging from string cheese, to the freshest (Bufarella, Stracchino, Buffalo Grill) to the aged cheeses from 2 to 12 months. Today we have two farms of our own with more than a thousand animals and milk from 3 other buffalo farms located in the Veneto region. We learned how to make mozzarella from the dairymen of Caserta.

We produce about 4 tonnes of milk per day. We sell products in our two stores, we distribute in the sector (pizzerias, restaurants) and in specialty retail stores in the area and some regional supermarket chains, including Ali / Aliper, Crai, Cadoro, Spak Market; we are also present in the Finiper hypermarkets. Our niche products are finding their positioning with those customers who appreciate the quality of the production chain and value them. "

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