The South Tyrol IGP Speck increased by 9.4% in 2014


The PGI production area
Alto Adige, or Italian South Tyrol is the most northern region of Italy, bordering Veneto, Lombardy, Switzerland and Austria. It is located between the central and eastern Alps, with the border delimited by Lake Garda at south and by the Veneto pre-alps. Speck Alto Adige Pgi (Protected Geographical Indication) is a type of cured ham with a spicy aroma and slightly smoky, with a unique flavour and look.

2014 Production Data
The Pgi speck production of 2,492,885 hams has increased compared to 2013. The global production of South Tyrol speck also increased exceeding 7 million hams, 9% more than the previous year. In depth, 7,039,604 hams were produced, about 31,700 tons of speck: 35 percent of Alto Adige Speck is Igp, a guarantee of origin, quality and ownership.

The board of Directors of the Consortium has been renewed
The board of Directors of the Speck Alto Adige Igp Consortium has been renewed. The president is Andreas Moser, flanked by five councilors.

The Alto Adige Pgi Speck is one of the most appreciated excellences of the made in Italy globally. 31% is exported in countries such as Germany, the USA, Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Slovenia, Japan and Sweden.


By Paola La Manna


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