The partnership between Barilla and Whirlpool is a long-term one

Raffaella Pozzetti

After the advances of past weeks, Barilla and Whirlpool officially introduced to the market CucinaBarilla. It is a system composed of:

  • A technologically advanced oven, realized by Whirlpool and for sale in the specialized distribution of household appliance segment
  • A range of kits (designed and produced by Barilla) containing the ingredients for cooking several courses, from pasta to cakes. It is sold on line only

This is a certainly innovative project, and we can say that it proposes a new product category. Mariarosaria Sanna, branding & communication manager of ‘CucinaBarilla’, explained: ‘In the world of food, there is not a closed system like this one, that is to say a system that is both durable (the oven) and refill (kits)’. It goes without saying that ‘CucinaBarilla’ is an important investment for both involved Companies. But which are the market objectives of this partnership?Mariarosaria Sanna

Mariarosaria Sanna (in the photograph) continues: ‘We have set ourselves, for this year, to sell about 20,000 ovens, thus placing our system in 20,000 families. And the expected turnover for kits, based on this target of users, is approximately 500,000 Euros for 2015’.

The collaboration between Barilla and Whirlpool is designed to last. Mariarosaria Sanna adds: ‘A so challenging initiative is not developed for a year or two. This is the first step, but our intention is that the project will grow, in order to have the opportunity to work on many more kits, or even to design, in a short time, a new model of oven. In short, we are talking about a wide-ranging process, which in next years may also arrive abroad’.

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