The new product by Cirio comes from Puglia

The new product that Cirio offers with Salse Pronte da Pelato di Puglia is a tribute to the Italian regional excellences, an exclusive range dedicated to the tomato of the "Le Selezioni" line (The Selections) that enhances the quality and origin of the raw material.

The new Ready Sauces from Pelato di Puglia are made with the best 100% 'long' peeled tomatoes from Puglia region exclusively, collected by Cirio at the right level of ripeness and immediately processed in just a few hours to guarantee its fresh flavor and genuineness. Moreover, all the tomatoes come from certified integrated productions and eco-compatible crops that protect the environment.

The new range consists of three recipes Vegan OK, with ingredients in line with the trends of the moment: Classic, Goji and Mint, Marjoram and Pink Pepper.

The "Le Selezioni Cirio" line aims to raise the qualitative value of the shelf offer, by seizing the growth opportunities and responding to the growing need of a consumer who is increasingly attentive to the quality and origin of the tomato. In recent years, in fact, within the red sauces market, a new segment has opened up between the tomato preserves and ready sauces, that of ready sauces, confirming the consumer's search for simplicity, authenticity of the raw materials and high service content.


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