Wine, the European Parliament ratifies the Free Trade Agreement with Japan

Last December the European Parliament ratified the Free Trade Agreement with Japan. It is the largest treaty ever negotiated by the European Union, which will create a free trade zone which will benefit more than 600 million people. An agreement that represents a constructive message against the tendency to political modus operandi based on the unilateralism and protectionism of this particular historical moment.

During the negotiations, Wine Italian Union worked closely with the institutions, establishing a transparent and effective dialogue with them. This approval is, therefore, a result that fully gratifies the Wine Italian Union for its commitment and efforts since 2013, alongside the Comité Européen des Entreprises Vins, to protect companies that are interested in non-EU markets and in particular the Japanese one, a flourishing and growing basin.

The agreement will allow Europe to fill the competitive gap with other non-EU exporters (such as Australia and Chile) and will certainly prove to be an indispensable flywheel for the entire sector, bringing concrete benefits for European companies.

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