The new Cantina Privata Bocchino Margaux Cask Finish

Cantina_Privata_Margaux SFrom the union between the vinasse of the noblest grape of Piedmont, Nebbiolo from Barolo and Barbaresco and the barriques of Margaux, one of the most prestigious wines in the world synthesis of the union of Cabernet Sauvignon with Merlot and Cabernet Franc, the new Cantina Privata Margaux Cask Finish is born.

The Cantina Privata continues his travel around the world of its great wines that have given rise, last year, to the Grappe Cask Finish: Moscato Grappa - Sauternes Cask Finish, Grappa di Barolo - Barolo Cask Finish, Grappa di Barbaresco - Barbaresco Cask Finish.

The grappa Cantina Privata Margaux Cask Finish is the result of a meticulous research: after numerous tastings, the experts of the historic distillery in Canelli concluded that in the barrels of Margaux the spirits that brings out the best of its features is a blended of the top vineyards Barolo and Barbaresco.

A long refinement in barrique of Allier and Troncais, followed by assembling of grappa Barolo and Barbaresco and further refinement, for about six months in barriques of Margaux, gives life to a unique distillate with an international spirit.

The color is amber and intense with straw reflections, the nose offers aromas of spicy black tea infused, very floral. The taste is slightly spicy, combining a complex flavor dominated by notes of spice, nutmeg and a pinch of orange zest. The finish is persisten and velvety.

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