Peaches and Nectarines: the sugary taste of the sun

11984794_mPeaches and Nectarines arrive from Romagna, and are available from spring to early autumn. They are the only ones which boast the European Protected Geographical Indication.
Peaches are soft, with a very juicy and scented pulp, which can be yellow or white, with red veins more evident near their core, which may be adherent to the pulp (the so called ‘duracine’ peaches) or non-adherent (the so called ‘spiccagnole’ peaches). They are sweet and very aromatic, appreciated both for fresh consumption and for using them in cuisine and in the preparation of jams.
Nectarines have smooth skin, without the characteristic peach fuzz. Their flesh is firm, crisp and fragrant, and can be yellow or white. Their flavour is especially pleasant and refreshing.

The success of these fruits is due to the quality level of their flavour and aroma, obtained thanks to the respect of a rigorous protocol of production which provides a precise time for the picking. Before being decided, this time is studied, analyzed, and certified, with data and analysis in the field, in order to deliver to the market products which differ from the other ones. Nectarines can be marketed only when they have reached a specific level of sugar, which must be carefully analyzed.

The cradle of European fruit-growing
The fruit-growing in Europe was born here, in Romagna, and from this land the ones which are considered the most delicious peaches in Europe arrive. They are so good thanks to their perfect and calibrated balance of juiciness, sweetness, and acidity. As early as in the fourteenth century, they were grown in this territory characterized by a mild and homogeneous climate, influenced by the proximity of the Adriatic Sea, which has fostered the cultivation of these fruits before they spread to other parts of Italy. Their path is outlined in the typical area of cultivation, which crosses the provinces of Ferrara, Bologna, Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini, where the history and cultural tradition join the wisdom and ability of a land which is the cradle of European fruit. This success and this territory are celebrated every year with the cycling circuit ‘Nectarines and Peaches of Romagna’, in order to allow knowing from a tourist point of view, too, this large cultivated field which Romagna is. 10708471_m

Good and healthy
Peaches and Nectarines are known because they are healthy fruits thanks to their richness in vitamins and mineral salts. As for this, too, the ones of Romagna are the best that can be found on the European market. They boast a record in nutrients, analyzed and studied by the District of Food Science and Technology in Reggio Emilia. The greatest amount in carotene and vitamin C, as compared to other varieties, stands out. Thanks to the cultivation of specific varieties, and respecting the rigorous protocol, a very high content in potassium has been reached. This mineral is especially useful in muscle and heart fatigue.

The export of these fruits goes almost entirely to Germany, which alone is over 120 million Euros worth per year. More than 300,000 tonnes are exported, of which about 200,000 are Nectarines, especially appreciated by foreign market thanks to their long preservation capacity. Smaller qualogontities also go to France and England, and the success of such processed products as extra jam, and in particular canned peaches, is growing from year to year, penetrating the USA market, too.
They are marketed fresh in wooden or plastic crates, and are identified with a specific label, where green, yellow, and red represent in the body of the writing the multicoloured nature of the countryside of Romagna, referring to the sun and pleasant climate of this land, so loved by tourists. 20958338_m

The ‘Spritz’ Peach
It can be prepared with either Nectarines or Peaches, by cutting a fruit into cm 1 slices, which are placed in a sparkling wine glass. The slices are covered with the fresh sparkling wine ‘Albana’ of Romagna, sprinkled with a teaspoon of granulated sugar, and a few ice cubes are added. By increasing doses in proportion and leaving it in the fridge for an hour, the so-called ‘Sangria of Romagna’ is realized.

Peaches jams and peaches in syrup
Peaches and Nectarines are present from April to September as a fresh product, but are available throughout the year in the form of extra jams and canned peaches.

Extra jam of IGP Peaches of Romagna is a gastronomic excellence, much sought after for its smell and intense flavour, thanks to the presence of selected fruit, which constitutes almost 50% of the ingredients. It is much sought after in the markets of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It is the ingredient of haute patisserie pastry tarts and cakes.
The version in syrup is almost always prepared ​​with cane sugar, a high-quality one, too, in order to enhance the quality of this product. As for this, too, the German-speaking markets are the main consumers of this product.


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