The nature’s gift

sfIn a single sentence, the wines produced by ‘Cantina Sorelle Bronca’ can be described as symbol of the production of this land as well as of man’s ability to obtain the best from nature. Cantina Sorelle Bronca is located in Colbertaldo di Vidor, on the hills of Treviso. The products we are talking about are Prosecco Superiore wines, gems of wine growing Italian tradition which base their whole essence on the value of quality, a passport which allows to Antonella and Ersiliana Bronca to emerge outside of Italy, on international markets, too. Following their father Livio’s work, as well as the example of his dedication and love for their family vineyards, these two enterprising sisters have turned their dream into a life project: a winery that is now a solid and established company, which relies on the indispensable contribution offered by Antonella's husband, Pierangelo Balcon, responsible of the production stages, and Ersiliana’s daughter, Elisa Piazza, wine-making expert. The main characters ofthe company are the white wines produced from classic and international vines, but also the red ones, and especially the autochthonous ones, that is DOCG Valdobbiadene, whose production is safeguarded in this area through the Producers Consortium. Among these, ‘Particella 68’ emerges. It is the result of a strong link with its production area.

‘Particella 68’ foto particella 68 (2)
Style: "AAAAAAA BOTT"This sparkling wine is considered an excellence for its characteristics and typicality linked to the territory: '68 ', according to the cadastral division, is the number of the central particle of the hill at Colbertaldo where the vineyards from which this wine originates are located. It is obtained with both spontaneous and indigenous yeasts, its colour is pale yellow with greenish reflections, and presents a persistent foam and a fine perlage. In its scent, at the opening notes of yellow fruits, elegant floral notes add, in which it is easy to recognize the intense notes of acacia flowers. It is ideal as an aperitif and its flavour is well supported in both balance and elegance. It goes very well with fish courses and, in particular, for delicate starters. It is excellent when combined with oysters. This wine has been produced in the company since 2002 in 25,000 bottles per year, which correspond to 10% of total production. It is mainly required by haute cuisine, selected importers, and private esteemers, and is exported outside of Italy, for a 20%, in Europe and USA, by means of specialized importers and buyers.

The challenge of the red OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Style: "AAAAAAA BOTT"‘Colli di Conegliano DOCG Riserva Rosso Ser Bele’ is surprising for everybody. It was born almost as a challenge: Antonella and Ersiliana wanted to demonstrate that a land which has always been especially suitable for growing white grapes could also produce an excellent red wine. And so it happened. The production of Ser Bele, which started in 1997, gave rise to a wine characterized by charming olfactory weave, resulting from the grape blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Its colour is ruby red, with garnet reflections due to aging. It shows fruity sour cherry and mixed berries scents, which are in harmony with the spicy notes of black pepper and balsamic ones of vanilla. The perfect balance between tannins, acidity, and full-bodied taste makes it elegant and refined, ideal in combination with red meats, especially grilled or rare meats, and wild game meat, but it is also excellent with cheese. About 6,000 bottles of it are produced per year (2% of total production). It is exported for 10% in the United States.

Towards new markets
Antonella Bronca says: «These years of activity granted to us many satisfactions, but for my sister and me the biggest one certainly consists in realizing our father’s dream. He wanted to give continuity to our company and establish our brand. We did not encounter any particular problems when we entered international market: during the last twenty years, Prosecco has become very popular all over the world, and increasing exports, for us, has not been so difficult. For the future, we aim at continuing on the path of quality, which is the basis of our success. All our investments are directed to improve the quality of our products. In the present global economy, it is not easy to do long-term projects, but we hope to further enhance the image of our land in the world: we will continue to spread the close link between product, producer and area of ​​origin, and we will operate so that these two wines, Particella 68 and Ser Bele, remain our most representative ones. We will also try to reach new markets, especially the ones belonging to the Asian area. The Country in which we are aiming at expanding our exports is China».

Certifications and packaging
Both Particella 68 and Ser Bele are organic and ISO certified. The packaging is carried out by hand, using traditional bottles with essential, yet elegant labels, and cardboard packs, characterized by natural colour, containing 6 bottles. The sisters explain: «As part of our vision of environmental ethics as well as fresh and essential aesthetics, we also realized a complete set of gift boxes made ​​in recycled cardboard, with silk-screened and embossed decoration, and wooden boxes with branding, of which the special sizes Magnum, Jeroboam, and Matusalemme are also available». IMG_7742

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