A creative pasta

Nuova immagineThe ‘Pastificio dei Campi’ was born in 2007 thanks to Giuseppe and Giovanna Di Martino’s initiative and desire for innovation. Giuseppe and Giovanna are young members of the historic Pasta Factory ‘Di Martino’, founded in Gragnano, in the province of Naples, in 1912. Brother and sister, staking everything on their experience and attachment to tradition, decided to undertake an ambitious project, consisting in controlling any point of the pasta supply chain in order to measure the various stages of the production process, sharing beliefs, knowledge, and expectations with all the people involved, with the steady aim of quality and customer’s satisfaction.

The Pastificio dei Campi daily produces about 20 quintals of IGP Pasta di Gragnano, 100% Made in Italy certified, bronze drawn, dried slowly at a low temperature and packed by hand. The durum wheat which is used exclusively comes from the most suitable Italian areas of production, especially Puglia, Molise and Basilicata.

‘Campotti’ and Spaghetti
Nuova immagine57 formats of pasta are produced, from the classic Italian ones of the Gragnano tradition to the most original creations, produced ad hoc according to chefs’ requirements. Among these, the ‘Campotti’, a food design project realized by the designer Mauro Olivieri in 2011: they are ‘paccheri’ narrowed in the middle, which take the profile of an eight, keeping the perimeter of the original format, but with a reduced diameter, which gives this pasta a new sensation to the palate, a better grip with the sauce, and a conformation which makes it easier to consume. Campotti have already achieved a great success: today they are made ​​in 4 lengths, achieved by exploiting the cutting speed in order to obtain different results with the same die. They have been included in the ADI Design Index (the annual publication of ADI, the Italian Association for Industrial Design, which collects the best Italian design products) and are also exported abroad, mainly in USA and Canada.

Outside national boundaries, another  important request concerns the 4 types of ‘spaghetti’ produced by the Pastificio dei Campi: the traditional ‘Spaghetto', mm 1.7 thick; the 'Spaghettino', mm 1.45 in diameter; the ‘Vermicello’, mm 2.1; the 'Spaghetto Maxi', 2.3 mm. While the classic Spaghetto is required in all the foreign Countries served by the pasta factory, Spaghettino established itself at a greater extent in the Far East; Vermicello and Spaghetto Maxi, instead, have a wider market in Northern Italy, Austria, and Germany. PDC_03_spaghetti-141

Creativity and traceability

Great interest has been aroused by the Kit ‘Spaghetto 4x4’, a box containing the 4 sizes of spaghetti and, in combination with each of them, 4 different tomato sauces: so, they are four versions of the icon of Italian gastronomy, characterized by as many different depths and intensity of taste, through deliberately different colour and thickness gradations. Giuseppe Di Martino says: «The goal of our company consists in investing in quality and creativity, offering to our consumers always new products and ideas, in line with our brand. Openness, too, is important for us. For this reason, we have directed our attention to the system of traceability of our products, which has allowed us to distribute our pasta not only through the traditional Italian high segment channel and food service one, but, for a 40-50%, abroad, too, by means of specialized buyers and distributors. For the future, we want to strengthen the positioning of our brand on the Italian market, especially in relation to haute cuisine, but we also aim at obtaining Kosher and Halal certifications, in order to expand more easily in Far and Near East».Spaghetto4x4

A refined packaging
In order to package its products, the Pastificio dei Campi has tried to combine the need for robustness, necessary for preserving its pasta from impacts and breaks, with transparency, in a twofold sense, consisting in both showing the product and presenting who realizes it. For this reason, a cube-shaped packaging has been chosen: many faces on which it is possible to communicate who are all the actors in the supply chain, in cardboard, with plastic windows which allow observing the pasta inside. Nuova immagineThe cube is designed to be easily placed and visible in chefs’ drawers. Chefs always need to choose a format quickly, but this cube can also be used for creating compositions in shop windows or reused as a holder when pasta has been consumed. In addition to the classic packaging of g 500, the ones of g 125 (‘l’Egoista’) and g 250 (‘il Duetto’) are realized. The owners assure: «Our packaging has been entirely designed and realized by us and is an integral part of our brand and our pasta. We have several boxes of various sizes, according to the formats and weights, and 4 gift boxes: Maxi Cubo, Spaghetto 4x4, Deli-Pot, and Solo Mio. By means of our packages, we try to convey our idea of ​​excellence, quality, and respect for raw material, earth, and all the actors in the supply chain».

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