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The mission of the ‘Biscottificio Dolce Giorno’ consists in aiming at quality and excellence of its products in order to offer taste, quality, and excellence. This biscuit factory is located in the hills of Santa Sofia D' Epiro, in the north- east of Calabria. Sweetness and quality are a family heritage which has been handed down for generations, all this with «the daily commitment of our Biscottificio for guaranteeing that both fragrances and flavours of our land arrive intact to our consumers», Giuseppe Giorno, the owner, explains.
BocconottoThe assortment of products is varied, from the most simple cookies, prepared with cocoa, cream, or stuffed, to the more elaborate and refined products of the ‘Prestige’ line: ‘BiscoPik’, biscuits flavoured with red pepper which acquire a pleasant aftertaste, proposing their spicy flavour only when the tasting is completed, and the cookies with liquorice, typical of the coasts of Calabria, where liquorice is spontaneously born; ‘Bocconotti’, typical small sweets of Calabria prepared with pastry, flavoured with apricot, cherry, apple, and liquorice, hazelnut cream, and ‘Mostaccioli’, typical sweets with honey. The ‘Cantucci’ with liquorice and Cookies stuffed with citron are a delight for both eyes and mouth.
Arancetti_(5)The line ‘I Deliziosi’ includes: ‘Arancetti’, biscuits flavoured with orange and orange rinds; cocoa biscuits with red pepper; ‘Cannellini’, cookies with cinnamon; ‘Coccobello’, biscuit with coconut; ‘Goccine’, cookies with chocolate drops and nuts; ‘Limoncini’, lemon cookies; ‘Rosette al Caffè’; ‘Torroncini’ with coffee, white chocolate, dark chocolate, or hazelnut; cookies with cereals, spelt, or Khorasan wheat of the organic line ‘I Naturali’, sweetened with corn syrup, without milk, eggs, sugar, certified from organic farming.
All products are contained in single-serve packagings, directly packed in the production premises, and are marketed in Italy and abroad, where they cheer both breakfasts and coffee breaks in Canada, Germany, USA, Czech Republic, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Austria, Australia.
The company «operates with the utmost respect for the original processing methods: all the products are produced with the best raw materials, more and more sought after by consumers who love the cookies which were prepared in the past, well made, with simple ingredients, rich in taste, processed in a hygienically safe and healthy environment»’, Giuseppe Giorno underlines. These sweet temptations are ISO 14001:2004 and UNI 9001:2000 quality certified.

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