Spreads for snacks, sandwiches… and more

Sacla_Crema-di-Asparagi-sSaclà presents the 'Creme Vegetali', a new line of spreads made ​​with simple ingredients, to offer the consumer a quality product, versatile and suitable for different types of preparation. Ideal for snacks or sandwiches, they are also the right ingredient to add to one’s own recipes.

  • Mushroom’s cream: a particularly tasty cream, made with carefully selected porcini mushrooms. Its texture is pleasantly creamy and its flavor makes it perfect to be enjoyed on its own, or to prepare delicious snacks, or to enrich the flavor of rice dishes and other recipes.
  • Asparagus’ cream: a particularly delicate cream, ideal for giving to canapés, main courses and risotto the unmistakable taste of the asparagus.
  • Artichokes’ cream: a delicious cream that enhances the flavor of the artichoke. Its texture is very soft, perfect for preparing canapés and to enrich the taste of any recipe.

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