Taiwan opens its market to Italian pork meat and cold cuts

Nicola Levoni, president of Assica

After a long negotiation lasted more than five years, with two missions in Italy by the inspectors of the Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine Food and Drug Administration (BAPHIQ), the Authorities of Taiwan approved the export of pork and cold cuts from Italy.

“The negotiation was long and complex but the commitment that the Italian Ministry of Health, the ICE Agency of Taipei and the European Commission have constantly reserved to this aim, carried out by our Association with strong tenacity, allowed us to reach the result”, said with satisfaction Nicola Levoni, President of ASSICA. “I thank all the national and European institutions, who worked collaborating professionally, demonstrating how effective we can be when we make system. The decision of the Taiwan authorities has a very important meaning for our sector because it finally determines the opening of the last Asian market that has remained inaccessible until now to our productions”, concluded Nicola Levoni.

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