Stranges Conserve, delicacies in syrup

_colazione Stranges  - CopiaOriginally fruit in syrup, as well as jams and marmalades, had the function of preserving seasonal fruits in order to make them available during the late autumn, winter, and early spring. It is preserved under syrup prepared with water, citric acid, and sugar. Fruit in syrup requires the use of intact fruits, preferably free of bruises or abrasions, with limited or average maturation.

Stranges Conserve is specialized in the production of fruit in syrup. Its seat is at Cerignola. The flagship of its production is a particular variety of peaches, the ‘Percoca’. Fabio Stranges, the owner, explains: «The fruit produced in our farm is not deprived of its fibre, so keeping intact the nutritional values of freshly picked fruit. According to an old country tradition, the fruit is composed by hand in the jar, adding the natural syrup prepared with sugar and water, without the addition of preservatives and dyes. The result is a preserved product with the same characteristics of the fresh one, but with an even enhanced taste».

Apricots, too, characterized by a yellow flesh with red shades, and a firm texture, are used: they are collected in boxes, washed without removing their peel, dipped in syrup, and pasteurized.

‘Cocktail di frutta’ is prepared with peaches, pears, plums, kiwi, pineapple. ‘Pesche con Arancia’ are Percoca peaches, placed in boxes, washed, peeled, pitted, cut in two, dipped in syrup with the addition of a slice of orange.

There are also jams, prepared with apricot, cherry, orange, strawberry, raspberry, lemon, tangerine, blueberry, blackberry, peach.

All products, which can be eaten as they are or used in order to prepare cakes, pies, or shakes, have a shelf life of 30 months and are exported in central Europe, Canada, and South America.gruppo vasetti (2)


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