Feudi di San Gregorio: a workshop of ideas


The original core of the vineyards Feudi di San Gregorio, established in 1986, is located in the area of Sorbo Serpico, where there is the cellar. Over time, the vineyards of Tufo, Taurasi, and Santa Paolina joined. They are situated on hills between 350 and 700 metres above sea level. Feudi di San Gregorio aims at safeguarding this unique genetic heritage, immediately devoting itself to the recovery of some authentic valuable productions as well as to the identification of a quality standard that meets the most rigorous market’s requirements. It wants to safeguard tradition by searching for all the potential it can offer; enhance such vines of southern Italy as ‘Aglianico’, ‘Fiano di Avellino’, and ‘Greco di Tufo’; invest in the land and in the centuries-old tradition of viticulture of Irpinia, offering a new future to a unique environmental heritage.

Over time, to the native grapes some typical varieties of the neighbouring areas, such as ‘Falanghina’ and ‘Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio’, have joined. But the spirit of research did not concern just the enhancement of the local heritage. The spirit behind Feudi di San Gregorio led the Company to look outside of its original borders. Hence its ‘landing’ at Vulture, in Basilicata, and in the area of Manduria, in Puglia. In these places it wants to retrace its experience, more and more in the absolute respect for the peculiarities of the new environment.


Wines by Feudi di San Gregorio

White wines
The site of Tufo has been for centuries the place of choice for the cultivation of Greco grapes thanks to the outstanding features of its chalky soils, which give to Greco grapes minerality, freshness, and persistence: Greco di Tufo DOCG is characterized by an intense and persistent scent; Cutizzi, the best expression of Greco Feudi di San Gregorio, distinguishes itself for its intense and persistent scent, characterized by clear sensations of fruit; DUBL + Vino Spumante Metodo Classico distinguishes itself for its fine perlage and notes of dried flowers, which remind pollen and honey.
Fiano di Avellino concentrates the wealth of its land characterized by clear Mediterranean sensations: such fresh flowers as chamomile, yellow peach, and candied orange. It is ideal with shellfish, fish with sauces, and grilled seafood. The best expression of Fiano is ‘Pietracalda’: its scent ranges from fresh flowers of chamomile to freshly picked fruit, and candied citron. A wine, in which Fiano and Greco combine in perfect harmony, is ‘Campanaro’: it is soft and silky, with fresh mineral notes.
Privilegio is a perfect wine for accompanying pastries, especially sweets with creams. It is a Passito, whose scent shows clear soft sensations of dried apricot and small white flowers. Its finish is long and reminds candied citrus, cinnamon, and the peel of white peach.
Maryam (sea drop) is dedicated to the Jewish Community. It is realized by means of a winemaking technique which strictly follows the Kasherut rules. It is characterized by an intense and persistent scent.
Serrocielo is an expression of Falanghina. The usual floral notes are enriched with a deep taste and an olfactory complexity.

And as according to a legend the origin of vine on Vesuvius comes from Jesus’ tears, in this amazing scenery, on the slopes of one of the largest volcanoes in Europe, the best autochthonous variety with white berry create ‘Lacryma Christi’. Its flavour is soft, fresh, and with an elegant mineral component.


Red wines
From ‘Aglianico’, a vine which boast a great tradition, ‘Ros'Aura’ is born. It is a rosé cherry wine, fresh and intense thanks to its aromas of fruit and flowers.
‘Taurasi’ is named after this unpolluted, volcanic, impenetrable land, which gives life to a full and balanced wine, characterized by fragrant aromas of sour cherry and cherry, cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla and anise.
‘Patrimo’ is an extraordinary wine, born ‘by chance’ from a historic vineyard discovered in the heart of Irpinia. It is a typical Merlot, unique thanks to the contribution of the land of Irpinia.
‘Sirica’ is characterized by great personality in terms of taste and smell.
‘Primitivo’ is soft, warm for sun, pleasantly fruity.

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