Schär expands the range of its products with cereal biscuits and croissants

Schär02Schär continues in its aim at offering an increasingly wide range of sweet snacks to consumers of gluten-free foods. It introduced two new references, oriented to satisfy the sweet tooth. Schär ‘Petit Cereal’ new integral shortbread, in 165g package, are a source of iron and rich in fibre, thanks to buckwheat flour. This food that has all the nutritional characteristics of both cereal and legume, even if by a botanic viewpoint it is neither one nor the other. As a matter of fact it is defined a pseudo-cereal. 314 calories per 100g of this seed are a strong point for the most pragmatic consumers, but attention should be certainly paid to its nutritional richness, which puts it on a privileged place in comparison to the other cereals. It was even recently defined as a real ‘wealth of health’.

Schär03And not to give up chocolate tastiness, gluten-free ‘Pain au chocolat’ croissants are coming. They are proposed in 260g packs: ‘saccottini’ of frozen puff pastry filled with hazelnut cream, to be consumed warm, for breakfast, at tea time and all those moments of the day when the consumers need a ‘cuddle’. Their preparation is easy: once defrosted, the product has to be directly baked for 9 minutes at 200 degrees.

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