Scarlino sausages factory works on premium portfolio

Salumificio Scarlino factory has always been a specialist in the production of frankfurters. Within an unfortunately weakened market, the company relaunches by expanding its offer with a high-range line: five references produced following the rules of the original recipes of German and Austrian traditions. The result are premium frankfurters, characterized by the use of fresh pig meat. The different consistency in grain processing, the particular characteristics of the guts in which they are cased, and especially the different woods used for smoking them, give each reference a differentiating taste.

The second important innovation is the entry of the company into the market of cooked hams, produced in the factory at Taurisano (Lecce). This structure cooperates with the plant for the productions of frankfurters, which has been at the centre of an investment for 3.5 million Euros. The company's goal is to produce more than 3,000 pieces a day by the end of the year, in order to play a prominent role in this market segment, as it happened for frankfurters. This strategy should guarantee to exceed the double of turnover in the next three years, aiming at 50 million Euros.

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