Sarchio: organic, gluten free and vegan biscuits

Sarchio has always preferred the use of organic sunflower oil in the development of its recipes, instead of palm oil, with the aim of proposing a line of biscuits prepared with simple and light ingredients, characterized by high nutritional value. Since 1982, the company has been specialized in the production of organic, gluten-free, and vegan products.

The artisan manufacturing provides for the addition of the ingredients in a slow sequence, in function of the many leavening hours and natural cooling of the finished product, with the advantage of preserving all the freshness and organoleptic properties. Twelve varieties of biscuits are proposed, including the range of gluten-free biscuits which includes ‘Saraceno miele’, with honey, characterized by rustic and intense flavour, ‘Fior di limone’ with lemon, particularly delicate, prepared with organic rice flour only, and Cioccolosi, with dark chocolate drops. On the other hand, the vegan line, without milk and egg, also includes biscuits prepared with Khorasan wheat, brittle and with intense flavour, ‘Farro and rice’ delicate biscuit, produced with Khorasan wheat and rice, and ‘Cocco’ biscuits, enriched with exotic coconut flakes.

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