Italian wine: export increased in the first months of 2015

Laura Seguso

The beginning of 2015 was positive for 6 of 10 wineries. USA market goes very well, while the opinions concerning Germany and China are conflicting. Among the sales channels, the importers are still preferred to large-scale retail trade. 85% of Italian wineries are satisfied for market trend, above all thanks to the good performance of exports in the first four months of the year. This emerges from ‘wine2wine’ fourth Observatory of Vinitaly, whose results were presented in Milan by Giovanni Mantovani, General Director of Veronafiere.

The wine department is on the top floor together with the top restaurants and the classrooms. The bottles are displayed by the region of production but customers can also find quality cask wine.

  • Of more than 400 wineries interviewed between May and June, 58.3% stated an increase in proceeds of sales due to foreign trade in comparison with the same period of 2014. 32% is stable, while a decrease was recorded by 9.7%. Increases of over 15% for 21.4% of the wineries were recorded. The trend is very positive, especially for companies in the North-East and South of Italy, for the average internationalized companies (i.e. which are present with their wines in 6-20 markets) and for those that already export more than 30%.

USA: Thanks to the weakening of Euro against Dollar and the general economic trend, United States is the market of the moment: as a matter of fact, 76.2% of the interviewed wineries stated that USA is the market among the three ones (with Canada and United Kingdom) which at this time are growing the most.

VinoGermany: The opinions of the wineries as for German market are more varied: 1 company out of 3 (32.7% to be exact) recorded an increase in sales in Germany, but more than a third (34.7%), on the contrary, recorded a decrease. Among the wineries which export their wines in more than 20 Countries, only Russia showed a worse demand.

China: The situation is polarized in China, too, with small companies that are increasing their sales (21.8% of the total) and more structured companies that, in 16% of cases, indicate the Asian Country as a decreasing market.

As for sale channels, wineries judge their relationship with importers as very positive (63.6%), while the relationship with foreign large-scale retail trade is varied (very positive for 47.3%, but at the same time very negative for 27.3%).

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