Saclà launches a new line of organic main courses based on mopur

Saclà_MopurSoon we will be able to see on the shelves of our supermarkets a new organic line of products made by Saclà in partnership with Mopur VegetalFood and based on mopur.

What is Mopur? It is a product based on a natural fermentation process which uses the action of a yeast strain specifically formulated to produce food with unique characteristics, prepared with high quality ingredients such as wheat and chickpea flour, extra virgin olive oil and sourdough.

The result of a year of research by Saclà is a line of veggie burgers, meatballs and nuggets obtained by using a mix of vegetables and mopur, source of protein and fiber with excellent digestibility.

More specifically, the mopur burgers are made with spelt and eggplants or with spinach and peas; the mopur meatballs are with spinach and peas or chickpeas and lentils, and the mopur nuggets consists of chickpeas and lentils or chickpea and sweet paprika.

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