Romagna in Jars

At Cesena, the farm ‘Le Fattorie Malatestiane’ was born in 2008, in order to allow rediscovering genuine and natural products, with no preservatives, colouring agents, flavour enhancers, thickeners, pectins, and any other chemical ingredients, with the aim of handing down the unique flavours and gastronomic culture of traditional Romagna. Le Fattorie Malatestiane are an integrant part of the cooperative group ‘Alac’, which has operated here for more than 40 years. In its lands, the company cultivates local fruit and vegetables, between old knowledge and new acquaintances, for transforming them in its laboratories in creams, products in oil, jams, and many other peculiar products. Short chain and farm-to-table products are the cornerstones of this activity, as everything is supervised in the company, from the production process, to the transformation of fruit and vegetables, packaging, and marketing in different sale points.

Raw materials for traditional recipes

The creams, whose roots are very ancient and which were born from country traditions of the lands of Romagna, are certainly the main product of the company: they are produced with raw materials which come from the 350 hectares of its lands and carefully respect traditional methods and recipes. The lines of products range from marrows to scallion, artichokes, aubergines, asparaguses with garlic, and dried tomatoes, in order to meet the most varied tastes expressed by the consumers; all the creams are ideal for both ‘bruschetteria’ and in combination with canapés.

The products in oil accompany creams. They are delicacies in extra-virgin olive oil from which the consumers can pick and choose between delicate and marked flavours, perfect in order either to give an extra taste to side dishes or for accompanying second courses of meat and fish.

Another flagship are sweet products, which consist in a wide range of extra fruit jams, compotes, and marmalades. These jams and marmalades are ideal with bread for breakfast as well as with cheeses and guarantee a full of energy with a few fats and no added jellies, pectins, and shrinkings. In them, all the flavour and taste of fruit are preserved: as a matter of fact, the minimum content of fruit is g 140 for g 100 of finished product. Besides the traditional strawberry, cherry, apricot, fig, raspberry jams, Le Fattorie Malatestiane inserted in this line also lesser-known product, such as watermelon, grapes, and green tomato jam. Among the most appreciated and exported jams, the ones with aromatic vinegar emerge. For them, IGP balsamic vinegar of Modena is used, which is immediately perceived by both smell and taste. The company produces also fruit in syrup, candied fruit, and ‘tiramisù fruit’. These products are obtained by recovering simple ingredients, ideal as desserts as well as in combination with every types of cheeses, ice-creams, and sweets. Finally, the line is completed by an extra-virgin olive oil with a mild, but full flavour, suitable for every seasoning, both raw and cooked, and a DOP Sangiovese di Romagna Superior wine, scented and intense, which is suitable for first courses and second courses, of both meat and fish.

Export and packaging

Gabriele Bacchi, President of the cooperative Alac and administrator of Le Fattorie Malatestiane.

Many of these products, requested by specialized shops, gourmets, professional caterers, hotel keepers, and large-scale retail trade, are already marketed, by means of wholesalers and distribution platforms, in Canada, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Qatar, Dubai, and Estonia. Gabriele Bacchi, President of the cooperative Alac and administrator of Le Fattorie Malatestiane, explains: «Our strategy consists in focusing on the fact that our products are genuine, natural, an exclusively Italian speciality, and in them very ancient working methods and recipe are contained, which we scrupulously keep. In line with this aim, in our labels, for instance, we expressly put photos which represent raw materials of the company, exactly as they really show themselves, in order to communicate to the consumer the message that the main ingredient always consists in healthy and wholesome fruit and vegetables. For the future, we aim at a broader growth in consumption of these special products, especially in Poland, Arab Countries, and China. In addition, we think we will create a new line with an innovatory packaging intended for gourmets, specialized shops, and fine dinings».

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