Ranieri: new frontiers for oil. Ethnic and enriched products

Jessika Pini

‘Oleificio Ranieri’ (Citta di Castello - Umbria region) was among the first Italian oil mills which began to produce, over forty years ago, flavoured extra virgin olive oils. For over twenty years it has been in the market of organic EVO oil and PDO Umbria. It has recently introduced special oils, too: sunflower, hemp, flax, avocado, argan oils, all coming from organic agriculture, as well as the so-called advanced or functional oils.

The company began in 2012 with a product designed for children: extra virgin olive oil from organic agriculture, enriched with vitamins E, B6, A, D, and Omega 3-6, which won the special mention at ‘SIAL Innovation 2012’ for both innovative idea and quality; at ‘Tuttofood’, in Milan, in 2013, it was awarded the first prize for certified quality (alongside with ‘Umbria’ PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil and ‘Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil’). Thanks to the antioxidant function of vitamin E, protective action on nervous system of vitamin B6 and on sight of vitamin A, as well as effects of vitamin D which favours the correct functioning of the immune system, this extra virgin olive oil is also suitable for pregnant women, elderly people, and vegans (as a matter of fact, omega 3-6 are extracted from cranberry).

The search for new innovative and functional products continued with the latest innovation, aimed at more adult users, experimentalist and health enthusiast: the basic formulation, in 100% extra virgin olive oil from organic agriculture (vitamins E, B6, A , D, omega 3-6), is enriched with a mix of micronutrients extracted from red fruits and orange. This extra-virgin olive oil, presented at ‘Tutto Food 2015’ fair, lends itself to flavour vegetable salads, thinly sliced raw meat and fish, and meets the needs proposed by consumers who want to experience new tastes, eat well, and are interested in their health as well as the environment.

‘Oleificio Ranieri’ in 2014 realized a turnover of 10 million Euros, producing over 3 million bottles, and boasts a wide range of certifications (ISO 9001, IFS, BRC, WIT, USDA / NOP, JAS), which attest its attention and orientation to work for high quality and food safety.

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