Participation of Vog in Asia Fruit Logistica

The apple-growing producers association based in South Tyrol took part in the event in Hong Kong. It was a practical demonstration of how South-eastern Asia is a booming market, of great interest for the export of Italian apples.
During the three-day event ‘Asia Fruit’ Logistica, VOG producers association presented its rich offer of apples. VOG_Gerhard_DichgansSouth-eastern Asia is an area in great growth, open to both new things and new taste experiences, particularly suited to the inclusion of club varieties. Today the request involves in particular Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, and Red Delicious varieties. However, there is also increasing interest for innovative apples, characterized by sweet and balanced taste, always juicy and crispy, just such as the innovative ‘Club’ apples, of which Pink Lady is the most famous and representative. VOG is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in Europe of this quality of apples.
Gerhard Dichgans, director of VOG producers association, said: ‘These markets represent an area of great potential. Until now, our presence was limited, but our aim consists in gradually growing there’.

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