Promotion increases Marche wine export

"Each million euros invested by Marche region in promotion has generated a 7.5 million euro return on wine exports". It is the summary of the manager of Nomisma Wine Monitor, Denis Pantini, made at Vinitaly.

The analysis takes stock of the export trend of the regional oenological product with the investments made in recent years. The exportation of the Marche vineyard has in fact grown by 56% in the last decade, particularly in the extra EU contriues, which flies at +75%, with China marking an increase of almost 450% and with Norway, Switzerland and Russia also they in triple digit.
The data expressed by the interviews with producers largely confirm Istat's figures (which show a 9.5% growth in the last year, three times the national average) that include among the top buyers the United States (16.2% of market share), followed by Sweden (11.3%), Benelux (9.8%), Germany (8.8%), Japan (7.1%), the United Kingdom (6.5%) and China (5.7%).

In the three-year period 2015-2018, the survey sets the regional bottled growth at +39%, with exports at +31% for a sample of companies representing 1/3 of the total Marche region production.
For the director of the Marche Institute of Wine Protection, Alberto Mazzoni: "The European funds for promotion are an indispensable privilege for the wine sector, a unicum, compared to other sectors, which we must be able to make the most of. The Marche area thanks to the collaboration with the Region proved to be a best practice, succeeding over the years to increase the involvement of companies by 115%. Compared to 3 years ago, we finally recorded a 6% increase in the average price of Verdicchio, both in Italy and abroad, but it is still not enough compared to the quality expressed".
According to the producers, the United States is by far the country with the greatest attention in the future, followed by Canada, China, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.


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