Primavera, sausages from organic farming

Salumificio Pedrazzoli is an Italian company of Mantuan origin, whose foundation dates back to 1951; it produces both traditional and organic sausages. Organic products approximately represent 40% of Pedrazzoli's turnover, which during 2011 reached a total amount of 20 mln €. 20% of total organic turnover is made in Italy and 80% abroad. On the top of the list of foreign buyers there are Germany, France, UK and Scandinavia. Among the emerging markets there are also: Japan, Swiss and Russia.

Primavera Line arise from the company's natural vocation for trying to reduce additives. This aim has been achieved by studying and researching together with the University of Cremona. All products belonging to Primavera line do not contain gluten, milk by-products, additives and artificial colourings. So they are completely suitable for people who are intolerants to milk’s flours and to gluten.

Products of Primavera line are: salami (organic salami with garlic, organic sweet salami, organic salami Milano, organic salami Cacciatore DOP, organic salami spicy, etc.), hams and coppa Parma, fresh products (organic fresh cotechino, organic sausages, organic Zampone, …), mortadella, cooked products (Nazionale cooked ham, ‘Ristocotto’ cooked ham, cooked ham with basil), specialities (organic bacon, organic Speck - South Tirol ham, organic Bresaola from Valtellina, organic pork Bresaola, etc.), sliced products (organic Parma ham, organic San Daniele ham, organic "Milano" salami, organic spicy salami, organic ‘Finocchiona’ salami), gourmet (organic lambrusco, organic Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months vacuum packed).

In Italy, Primavera line products are marketed through specialist distributors, while the company directly manage the large-scale distribution. Abroad, Primavera line products are marketed by dealers, usually one dealer in each country.


Salumificio Pedrazzoli

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