Pizza in the US… but not Made in Italy

World record in the United States in the consumption of pizza with an average of 13 pounds per person, an amount that is nearly double that of the Italians (with an average of 7.6 pounds per head). Pizza - Coldiretti states - was born in Italy with the first written records dating back to 997 and in the late nineteenth century with the arrival of Italian immigrants made its first appearance in the United States where it quickly established itself even with curious local adaptations in ingredients, preparation and ways of consumption, thus losing its real origin. While in Italy - according to Coldiretti - it is estimated that pizza generates a turnover of 10 billion euros with more than 250.000 employees and 50.000 pizzerias,  the business in the U.S. is around $ 40 billion with 93% of Americans who consume pizza at least once a month for an average of 350 slices per second. Unfortunately - Coldiretti underlines - almost no ingredients comes from Italy because ingredients produced in the United States are used, from mozzarella cheese produced in Wisconsin, to tomato sauce obtained in California where cultivation of olive trees are spreading too, without forgetting the widespread use of ingredients very far from the Made in Italy pizza as the pineapple. The loss of the Made in Italy identity - Coldiretti complaints - is a risk that many Italian products run bcause of the exponential spread on the US and global market of fake food that recall the name and image of Italy without having any link with the Italian production.

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