PDO Prosciutto di Modena Ham: a year of great satisfaction

Prosciutto di ModenaThis is the only Italian ham with a minimum aging of 14 months, the longest among all the Italian PDO hams. Its Consortium is relatively small (it gathers 9 producers) and in recent years it has distinguished itself because of its commitment as for promotion through various activities, both in the home market and at the international level.

PDO Prosciutto di Modena Ham closes 2016 with a stable production compared to 2015, with 72,000 thighs sent to production. The pre-sliced segment continues to be an important channel, which concerns about 15% of the total production, due to its convenience of use.

Davide Nini, President of ‘Consorzio del Prosciutto di Modena’ producers association, told: ‘It was a year of great satisfaction, if we look at the prospects in foreign markets. I refer in particular to the US market, whose Authorities - last August - recognized the suitability for export of some of our member companies, which thus were able to finally start the production intended for export’.

Giorgia Vitali, Vice President of ‘Consorzio del Prosciutto di Modena’ producers association, who just returned from a trip to Japan, comments: ‘Instead, if we move to the East, we believe that this Country represents a market able to offer great prospects for our product. If it is true that we are still in the early experiences with non-EU markets, it is also true that while in Japan PDO Modena Ham was completely unknown, we could experience from the start great appreciations and more than positive judgments towards our product, so that buyers are already demonstrating proactively their interest’.

As for the European Union Countries, Prosciutto di Modena Ham is very popular in Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. Just in France the pre-sliced product was introduced in an important chain of large-scale retail trade.

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