Pasta as if it were homemade

Tagliatelle Luciana Mosconi con zucchine e funghiFrom the experience lived by a woman who has inherited the secrets of Italian homemade pasta, at Matelica, in the region Marche, ‘Luciana Mosconi’ pasta was born. From 1994 onwards, it has been  transformed in a modern company characterized by an artisanal vocation, specialized in the production of quality dry egg pasta, which today is among the leaders in the premium market. In ‘Luciana Mosconi’ products, the best semolina and fresh eggs combine together in a double – kneading process, so obtaining a pastry that is processed in order to achieve the highest porosity, subjected to static drying and protracted for over 24 hours at very low temperature. The absence of mechanical pressing is one of the strengths of this production process. This way, thermal stress to the pastry is prevented, leaving the organoleptic qualities of raw materials unchanged, so preserving their flavour and fragrance.
Just egg pasta

Luciana Mosconi’s flagship product is just egg pasta. The tough, rough, and porous pastry is the natural result of a process which, in each step, is followed by skilled makers of pasta. Tagliatelle Che Fanno Bene Ambiente‘Nidi all’uovo’, a range which has been able to reinvent the family of ‘tagliatelle’, are offered in both g 250 and g 500 packs, in no less than 13 variants, from the finest and narrowest cuts to the largest ones, which can be perfectly combined with simple ingredients, as well as enhanced by the most refined matching. Among the new entries of this range, there are two versions of dried egg pasta, with spelt and wholemeal, in addition to the pastry for egg lasagna. The specialty 'Farro e uova fresche’ is produced with exclusive wholemeal spelt semolina coming from the ‘Alto Mugello’, rich in protein, fibres, mineral salts, and vitamins, while the ‘Integrale’ pasta, obtained from intact grains, not deprived of bran and heart, meets every taste, with a superior pastry characterized by high satisfying power. These specialties are rough, porous, pleasantly irregular. They keep the characteristics of intense flavour and quality, typical of the 'Luciana Mosconi method', unchanged.Tagliatelle_Farro

Sustainability and environmental commitment
Each type of pasta is certified by ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management System and, for g 250 and g 500 ‘tagliatelle’, in 2013 the official certification granted by the Italian Ministry of the Environment was obtained. It certifies the alignment of this pasta factory according to Kyoto protocols. As a matter of fact, ‘Luciana Mosconi’, in the name of environmental eco-sustainability, has decided to compensate CO2 emissions for the quantities related to the processes of production, distribution, storage, use, and disposal of g 250 and g 500 ‘tagliatelle’, through the purchase of carbon credits for the Kariba REDD+ project for reforestation in Zimbabwe. This commitment for the environment, also confirmed by renewable energy sources installed in the company, is now certified by the mark granted by the Ministry of Environment on packaging, where the golden yellow colour of ‘tagliatelle’ and egg pasta is highlighted by an essential packaging, entirely realized by hand, in order to guarantee to the final consumer integral and impeccable products. Experience, respect for customers, control of the supply chain, and constant comparison with the market led the company to be recognized by its consumers as a brand of excellence outside the national borders, too, especially in Austria, Slovenia, Russia, United States, Spain, and Germany.

The goal consists in further growing up!
Marcello Pennazzi, managing director of ‘Luciana Mosconi’, says: «In 2013, our company has established in Central Italy the absolute leading position in the market of long dry egg pasta, with a 27.1 % share in value. Our goal for 2014 consists in further growing through targeted and incisive strategic marketing, driven by quality plus of product and good environmental practices, which have allowed us to achieve significant increases in specific industry niches. At present, the possibility of developing initiatives which allow greater penetration abroad, perhaps through new synergies, too, is in the planning phase. In any case, we will continue to work by following our core values ​​- authenticity, uniqueness, inimitability, transparency, and responsibility - with the aim of becoming, in the near future, an even stronger and more experienced company  on the marketing plan, but always focused on high quality, just as we are doing today».OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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