A ‘natural medicine’

Photo by David LindénThe ‘Frantoio Intini’, born in 1928 at Alberobello (Ba), in the Murgia of Bari, embodies the experience of nearly a century of history, a family’s passion, and Pietro Intini’s modern skills and innovative spirit. Pietro Intini is an expert taster of olive oil, as well as responsible of the great process of modernization of the brand, who in the early 2000s joined his father Franco and currently leads the company with commitment and dedication. Two continuous processing lines, in the oil mill, allow producing oil in the absence of oxygen as well as extra virgin olive oils from stoned olive paste, in addition to a sophisticated bottling line which, thanks to the use of small quantities of inert gas, guarantees the perfect preservation of the precious oils that are produced. Thanks to Pietro’s work and modern systems installed in the company, today ‘Olio Intini’ presents itself as a natural product characterized by high standards, as well as a niche which casts its mind into the competitive market of excellence food-and-wine products, both in Italy and abroad. uliveto
Monocultivar, blend, traditional oils
All the oils by Frantoio Intini are an expression of their strong link with the territory of origin and a policy whose essential values are a careful selection of raw materials and traceability. The company produces four ‘top level’ monocultivar oils: ‘Picholine’, characterized by a very fruity scent as well as a balanced, bitter and spicy taste; ‘Cima di Mola’, realized by Intiny only in the world thanks to the homonymous local cultivar, in danger of extinction, which gives rise to a powerful oil, characterized by a bitter taste, persistent, complex, and rich in polyphenols; ‘Olive’, at first glance, is characterized by bitter tones, due to grass and almond hull; ‘Bio’, whose protagonist is ‘Coratina’, ICEA certified, with which a medium-intense fruity oil, characterized by definite and persistent flavour is produced. Olio IntiniTo these products, ‘Affiorato’ blend oil, enveloping and strong, with bitter notes and spicy sensations, and ‘Denocciolato’, made from pulp of olives only, delicate and balanced,  in addition to the traditional ‘Classico’ and ‘Fruttato’ oils, as well as ‘Aromatizzato al Limone (an oil flavoured with lemon), mainly addressed to foreign customers. Pietro Intini explains: «Every market has its own request, and all our oils are successful. However, the traditional ‘Affiorato’, the first ‘top range’ in chronological order, is the one which, alongside with ‘Denocciolato’, collects a wider success, because it is a mixture characterized by the signature ‘Intini’, a recognizable and loyal flavour».

Passion, transparency, quality
60% of the monocultivar produced by the Frantoio crosses our national boundaries, while for blend oils this percentage rises to 70%. Pietro IntiniPietro Intini  specifies: «Japan requires almost exclusively ‘Bio’ and the ‘Aromatizzato al Limone’; the latter is also appreciated by the Scandinavian Countries, which prefer ‘Olivastra’ and ‘Picholine’. ‘Affiorato’ and ‘Denocciolato’ obtain good results in the USA, while France, Germany, and Switzerland are oriented on the base oils ‘Classico’ and ‘Fruttato’. ‘Cima di Mola’, the flagship of our oils, has a niche market: we sell a little of it everywhere. For the future, we are projecting ourselves to Asian markets, especially Japan. In addition, we would be pleased of starting the production of a monocultivar derived from another autochthonous variety which was almost extinct. We are going to implant it, and we aim at proposing oil as a food, providing an excellent product for everyone’s pockets. We are proud of the many awards we received in recent years, the last of which is the special prize as Best Company in the guide ‘Oli d’Italia’ by ‘Gambero Rosso’ in 2014. We are even prouder because we have contributed to the redemption of a strongly mistreated sector. My monocultivar oils are characterized by a unique content in polyphenols, and this means that our investment in the most recent technologies has been a winning strategy for the revival of a sector which aims at enhancing oil not as simple seasoning, but as a nutraceutical food, a real medicine! This success has no secrets: only passion, transparency, a continuous search for quality, avoiding compromises, and a great regard for consumers’ health and biodiversity».

A modern and elegant packaging gruppo
‘Intini’ packaging, considered as essential by the company for reflecting in the best possible way the excellence of its oil, has been renovated in 2011. The new visual design gives to the bottles an idea of quality, modernity and, at the same time, tradition, while their design highlights the difference between the various categories of oil, through bottles, coloured palettes, and different types of label printing. Monocultivar oils are characterized by elegant labels, with such modern and special colours as the hot-pressed bronze; for ‘Bio’, instead, a label which imposes itself with its green ground, matched with a texture which reminds the layering of the earth has been chosen. For ‘Blend’ oils, on the other hand, labels are minimal and leave room for glass bottle. For monocultivar and blend oils, the packs are customized, in dark glass whose formats are ml 0.50 and ml 0.25 ml, while the traditional oils, ‘Classico’ and ‘Fruttato’, are available in ml 0.75 glass bottles and l 5 cans.


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