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Cecilia Tessieri’s history can be summarized as follows: starting from scratch, with a dream, and over two decades succeeding in building a solid company, established not only in Italy, but also in the world market. Cecilia Tessieri transformed her passion for chocolate into a true reality, by means of an absolute dedication to work and constant search for perfection.  Supervising each stage of the production of Amedei chocolate has been Cecilia’s courageous choice. She became maître chocolatier after a long apprenticeship in France, Belgium, and Germany and has developed an environmentally sustainable production method, respectful of social responsibility, paying great attention to the improvement of living conditions and work’s quality of people who cultivate 'her' cocoa.

Today Amedei realizes a proceeds of sales which has reached almost 4 million Euros, 45% from sales in Italy and the remaining 55% from foreign sales, and several times it has earned the prize for the best chocolate 'from seed to bar' at the Chocolate Academy of London. All the production stages are personally supervised by the owner, who together with her excellent team realizes unique creations, hand- packed in packages characterized by a refined design.

Little gems

From cocoa beans coming from the most valuable plantations in the world, more than 120 Amedei products are born, three of which enjoy great popularity and recognizability even beyond national borders. Among these products, the packed pralines, especially requested in United Kingdom. Behind the thin shell of these little 'gems', sumptuous stuffing of chocolate mixed with fruit, liquor, coffee, and other delicacies hides. This is a range of emotions whose balance of flavours, textures, and aromas is managed by Cecilia’s creativity and her technique. These creations are preferred in formats of 16 and 25 pieces and represent an ideal and exclusive gift thanks to their variability in tastes, the guide to tasting placed inside, and the high standing of their packaging, a box made ​​of fine paper, characterized by a simple and elegant design.Immagini 161

Top Bars

Especially in the USA, top range of bars - the core business of the company - receive great appreciation. Amedei’s best-selling references result to be the ones characterized by higher added value: Porcelana, 9 and Blanco de Criollo are among the favourites by upscale consumers, who consider Amedei as a status symbol and want the best. All the bars, encased in an elegant cardboard box, offer to the consumer an introduction to the world Amedei: as a matter of fact, inside them some hints of the philosophy that guides the company in its own creations are written.9

Tuscan Harmonies
On the other hand, Japanese customers, in addition to pralines, expression of Italian craftsmanship, mainly appreciate ‘Armonie Toscane’, characterized by prestigious and refined packaging. Twelve small chocolate truffles whose weight is of g 110 are proposed in three different types: milk filled with Gianduja chocolate, plain with almond filling, and white stuffed with hazelnut. They are kept in a box that opens with the grace of a flower, distinctive symbol for both customer and for those who receive the product as a gift. It is realized in the colours which best represent the spirit of the company: red, white, black, and gold.armonie 2014

Packaging of Amedei creations is the result of a team work carried out by the family Tessieri. The boxes which hold the chocolate, realized by ​​using high-quality cardboard on which golden logo and the writing 'Amedei Tuscany' stand out, follow the simple and refined line designed by Cecilia’s mother, Mrs. Ida, who has played a key role in defining the final design.

Quality and Honesty
?????????????????Cecilia Tessieri says: «My adventure in the segment of chocolate began 24 years ago, when I decided to follow my curiosity and passion: I wanted to go into this unknown world in order to understand how it was possible to produce a chocolate bar, starting from cocoa seed. I have travelled a lot and explored distant lands, personally visiting plantations in search of a unique cocoa, from the highlands of Madagascar to inaccessible areas of Venezuela, Jamaica, and Ecuador to the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Grenada. I later became maître chocolatier and started to realize my creations. By means of the logo Amedei, dedicated to my maternal grandmother, who encouraged me from the very beginning to realize my dreams and aim to excellence, we have always tried to communicate the honesty of our products, their quality, and care with which they are made throughout the whole chain. My greatest satisfaction consists in realizing my dream and being able to establish our company on the international market! A goal for the future? We are working for a ‘seasonal adjustment’, by designing and proposing new products which can be eaten and tasted even in the warmer months».

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