Overlook about the consumption of sustainable wine

Nomisma Wine Monitor, in collaboration with VIVA's referrals, the Ministry of Environment’s project for sustainability in the wine sector, held a workshop dedicated to winemaking companies, with - in addition to the various testimonies of Italian companies that decided to follow the road of sustainability - those of business-related traders interested in this type of wine, such as Norway and Sweden. Without forgetting the United States, for whom there are also the results of an original Wine Monitor survey on perceptions and willingness to buy sustainable wines by American consumers.

As stressed by Denis Pantini of the Nomisma Wine Monitor, “the survey highlighted how environmental sustainability, after terrorism and healthcare, represents the third most feared concern among Americans. And it is also on the wave of this sensitivity that the purchase of various sustainable wines arrives - mostly from California and Australian - bought today by 2 out of 10 US consumers. But beyond the current buyers, there is also a similar percentage of buyers who still do not consume these wines for several reasons, including a low spread and promotion as well as the difficult identification.

“The profile of the American consumer of sustainable wines,” adds Pantini “provided the identity of the typical purchaser, represented by the Millennials, of male gender with a high degree of earnings and high income”. A profile that differs completely from those baby boomers that the Wine Monitor survey indicated is the most adverse to any form of sustainable behavior.

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