Italian food delivery in the heart of London

The success of a food start-up that takes a bit of Italian food in the heart of London and that has been analysed by Gambero Rosso in the past few days was referred to the supervision of chef Tommaso Arrigoni. The name of this start-up is ‘Godo Sostanza Italiana’ and it is the food delivery in London created at the end of 2015: a small reality for home delivery of good Italian food in the jungle of far more expert delivery services by which the whole city is served capillary.

The expert chef really knows made in Italy cuisine and has lent himself to a formula for perfecting the production, packaging, and transport system, which suits the quality of this proposal. The ingredients come from Italian suppliers, selected on the basis of chef's advice: pasta from ‘Pastificio Gentile’ and ‘Pastificio dei Campi’, Parmigiano cheese from ‘Caseificio Gennari’ at Collecchio (over 60 years of history behind it), Pantelleria capers from ‘La Nicchia’ company. Extra virgin olive oil, too, comes from Sicily: it is ‘olio di Bongiordano’, and fish comes from Franco Anello, a fisherman from Palermo who sends tuna and king prawns in London. But there are also basil from Paolo Calcagno, from Celle Ligure, and tomatoes from Piennolo, San Marzano and Heirloom tomatoes, which grow under the sun at Torre del Greco, Naples. Finally, the design of a packaging consistent with the proposed experience was realised, in terms of both functionality and design. Most specialities are delivered in vacuum and easy-warmable glass jars that, when emptied, are returned to the sender. Every ten shipped jars, the customer receives £ 8 discount, to be used for a new purchase. A small selection of Italian labels and Lurisia soft drinks is available. Orders are available from 11 AM to 11 PM via app (which informs about nutritional values ​​of food, allows payment via app and delivery tracking) or on-line. Coverage territory: City, Chelsea, Southbank, Canary Wharf, and Westend. Expected waiting times, at peak time: 15 minutes.

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