Organic products in China are a new status symbol

Organic 3The Chinese population seem to have taken on a new awareness of the damages caused by a policy interested to profit only, at the expense of the environment. Especially in big cities, families, foreigners, and especially young people decided to ‘convert’ to organic products. The new middle class, with rising incomes, is developing the market of luxury food, organic, organically certified.

However, the percentages of pollution concerning air, ground water and soil do not allow, at least for now, to live mostly in places suitable for organic growing. That's why in China the imports of foreign organic food are growing every year by 15%. The demand of organic is multiplied and surpasses the supply of organic products available in the market. Both estimates and sector studies for the coming years agree that the trend of organic products can create a new market for importers of organic food from Europe. Imported organic foods are safer, the laws concerning foreign organic market are more regulated and restrictive, in contrast to those of the Chinese bureaucracy, where there is not any uniform organic certification yet. Meanwhile, speciality organic stores open in major cities of China, new high-end supermarket chains make their way. In addition, online sales remain among the safest and quick to use option: FieldsChina and KateandKimi, to take two examples, are among the main intermediaries with a very rich offer of organic food from all over the world.

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