Oleificio Zucchi’s offer for this summer

For this coming summer, Oleificio Zucchi proposes three of its products that, according to the firm, cannot be missed in the pantry of a summer kitchen: the Extra virgin olive oil Dolce Fruttato, the Extra Virgin Lemon Flavored and the Vinacciolo Oil, to enhance light meals such as fish, salads and tartars, but also to make biscuits and muffins.

The “EVO” Dolce Fruttato is an extraordinary blend of extra virgin olive oils that takes from the best cultivars of the Mediterranean basin its bright golden color with soft green reflections. I has a sweet taste and fresh herbaceous scent, and persistent notes of almond and apple. It is recommended for second courses of fish, veggies and salads or special sauces. With a  fragrant aroma of just harvested citrus fruit, the Extra Virgin Lemon Flavored will make summer recipes more sparkling and original than ever, from oriental sauces to dessert. To try it with raw vegetables and sea salads, fish marinades, but also egg soups and spaghetti with seafood.

Vinacciolo Oil comes from seeds in grape berries and has a high nutritional value thanks to linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid of the omega-6 fatty acids. It is rich in polyphenols with antioxidant action, a unique feature of vegetable oils. To try it with fish fillets or crustaceans to marinate, steamed or grilled vegetables, fresh cheese and honey.

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