Market gives Oro Caffè growth for its 30th birthday

Stefano Toppano and Chiara De Nipoti, Ceo and president of Oro Caffè

Thanks to its average annual production of 600,000kg of coffee at Tavagnacco, near Udine,  ORO Caffè closes a very positive balance with a +10% over the previous year reaching a 9,2 million euro turnover. The company's export performance, which accounts for more than 50% of its total turnover, is confirmed by the presence of about 50 foreign distributors, and in 2016 it entered four new non-EU countries, while in Italy the company has more than 1,000 customers, mainly in Triveneto and Rome.

This is a very important achievement that takes place in the year of the 30th anniversary of the company, that will be celebrated with a big event in early July. “Among the factors that contributed to this new success we can certainly include ORO Caffè in Chile, Uruguay, Cyprus and Iran: very different countries that are showing us a great potential”, says Stefano Toppano, ORO Caffè ceo.

A new licensing package

It is a licensing formula that includes complete furnishings, the first supply of products and a guaranteed and ORO Caffè certified training. For anyone willing to start their own business with the support of ORO Caffè, there is a new opportunity:  a "smart" formula for the licensing of branded cafés. ORO Caffè cafés are designed to be a comfortable meeting place where you can have a quick espresso at the bar or where you can relax and enjoy ORO Caffè specialties with coffee and more.

The initial supply provides a contemporary decor: a well equipped counter already wired (therefore no need for extra connections), all the necessary equipment, tables and chairs to furnish about 50 square meters, the wallpaper for decoration of the walls, the floor and the backlit sign. The package also provides the necessary technical support not only to the development of the spaces to be furnished but also a detailed training plan on every aspect of coffee (latte art, coffee extraction techniques).

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