Mr Espresso

Since 1950 Caffè Haiti Roma has been working in the field of High Quality Espresso coffee, achieving the Integrated DQS Certification, which includes Certification of the Quality Management System DIN EN ISO 9001, of the Environment Management System EN ISO 14001, and of the Management System for Health and Safety at the Workplace OH SAS 18001. It has also been certified by ICEA (nr G1993) and FAIRTRADE (FLO ID 23810).

Caffè Haiti Roma was born in 1950 in Rome, Italy, when Mr Azeglio Martella, also known as “Mister Espresso”, began his long voyage through the world of superior quality coffee. The roasting company today is amongst the leading historic trademarks in the market of espresso coffee in the Eternal City and all over the world.

A delight in a cup, an Espresso that makes coffee tasting in the “bar” a unique experience: this is the mission that has accompanied Caffè Haiti Roma since its very beginnings. Azeglio’s untiring efforts to make his idea of excellent espresso coffee, became a real corporate philosophy over time, and an effective working method to achieve that special quality for our blends: Mister Espresso Quality. As the result of the continuous research for high-quality espresso coffee, Caffè Haiti Roma is amongst the first coffee-roasting companies in Italy to have obtained the triple recognition as “Company with integrated DQS Certification”.

The natural consequence of the continuous focus on quality in all the aspects of the working process, has made it possible for Caffè Haiti Roma to propose coffee coming from plantations in total harmony with the environment, where natural growing practices make no use of harmful substance for man and environment, and help maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. The outcome of this research is BioCaffè Haiti Roma Organic and Fairtrade (FLO ID 23810), a 100% Arabica 100% Organic coffee blend.

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