Italian cheese for UK market

The Granarolo Group announces the creation of Granarolo UK company for the distribution and marketing of Italian dairy products on the English and Irish market controlled to 51% by Granarolo International.
The operation is carried out in partnership with F.lli Bosco Ltd., a leading operator in the UK market for over 40 years in  the distribution of Italian quality food.
Granarolo UK will benefit from a distribution network already established, flexible and efficient with specific experience in B2B (in particular large-scale distribution, Ho.Re.Ca. and Food Manufacturing ) to which a distribution platform dedicated to the retail segment will be added, a segment that will be further enhanced through new investments.
The transaction will strengthen the presence of Granarolo in the market of imported Italian cheeses that in England is worth around 117 million euro.
In particular, the British market is the second largest European market for soft cheeses and the third one for hard cheese (Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano).
Granarolo UK will be active in the import and distribution of Italian fresh (mozzarella, mascarpone, ricotta cheese ) and seasoned (parmigiano reggiano, grana padano and pecorino ) cheeses.

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