Mila welcomes Brunico cheese

brunico_formaggio_mila bassaBrunico cheese by Mila is available from the end of February. It is an aged cheese made with milk of traditional mountain farms. Not everyone knows that the farms of Mila farmers from which the firm receives the raw material are amongst the smallest of Alto Adige region, a pure and clean environment such as their milk.

Tasting Brunico cheese is like drinking a glass of 100% South Tyrolean fresh milk, naturally GMOs-free and delivered daily from the farmers themselves to be processed in just 24 hours.

Behind every Mila product you can see its origin: a guarantee that is evidenced not only by the Quality Mark of South Tyrol, but also by a special mark with directions of the producer that is affixed during the pressing stage.

The 40-day seasoning gives this cheese a delicate aroma of milk mixed with that of mountain fresh herbs. The soft but compact texture makes Brunico cheese very versatile in the kitchen, suitable as an ingredient to enrich any dish and also perfect as an aperitif.

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