Marabotto, the traditions of regional cuisine

Pasta FantasieDiForme5SaporiMarabotto Giacomo e Figli is a family business founded in 1951 by Giacomo Marabotto’s passion for mushrooms and truffles. Its owners are specialists in the production of appetizers, truffles, chestnuts, wisely mixed together, too. Today, the company produces a variety of products and gastronomic specialties, mainly by investing in the production of flavoured pasta, one of the most consumed products.
The mission consists in producing high quality products by using top quality ingredients, without using neither preservatives nor artificial colouring agents, but only and exclusively natural raw materials. These products are exported from Europe to South America, China, and Japan, up to Australia, passing through Lebanon. Francesco Marabotto, one of the owners of Marabotto, now in its third generation, says: «We work with the aim of leading customers to discover a new world of tastes and traditions of our regional cuisine, with special attention to the ones of Piedmont and Liguria».

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The line ‘Paste aromatizzate’ is born from an ancient tradition. This pasta has the most varied shapes: butterfly, bow tie, planes, ridges, hearts, candy, olive leaves, curls, and naturally obtained colours: yellow from saffron, green from spinach, red from tomato, black from squid ink, orange from carrots.
Polenta, a traditional course of Northern Italy, is proposed in three variants: 'classic' for a typical cuisine, 'pre-cooked', for fast food, and 'flavoured with mushroom'.
Risottos are enriched with the delicate fragrance of mushroom, which, as Marabotto says, «makes our rice an excellent first course, wealthy, healthy, easy to prepare».
Minestre e Zuppe are prepared with vegetables and the best pulses picked from the gardens of the valleys, carefully processed in order to preserve the intense flavour of nature.
Some sauces, too, are proposed, such as Ragù di selvaggina, and Pesto alla Genovese.

A little of Piedmontese tradition on the table FOTO AMB. ANTIPASTI 

  • Antipasti della Nonna: peppers with tuna, vegetables with tuna, red peppers stuffed with tuna, anchovies, and capers; onions in IGP Modena balsamic vinegar; sweet and sour peppers, sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil;
  • Piedmontese sauces: Bagna cauda, prepared ​​with anchovies, garlic and olive oil, served with all kinds of vegetables; Bagnet Rus and Bagnet Verd, for accompanying boiled and grilled meats, but also for seasoning excellent canapés; Salsa Diavolina with its  spicy taste; Salsa Cognà, prepared with grape must, ideal for accompanying game, ripe cheeses, and boiled meats.

Funghi porcini Interi 3100 mlMarabotto explains: «From our woods we gather the best mushrooms, subject them to thorough mycological controls, and pack the ones which will be preserved in oil in a glass jar (called Orcetto), with a mushroom-shaped cap. The mushrooms which will be dried, ideal for preparing delicious risottos, sauces and roasts, are packed either in simple envelopes or in our original 'mushroom-shaped' pack. And the most exclusive product of our earth, truffle, cannot be missing. It is carefully selected and preserved either in oil or brine». TartufoBianchettoAFette

Fruits, too, are preserved according to the ancient traditions of Piedmont. They are gathered from the best plantations and carefully selected. Saffron, too, is selected from the best flowers, either in pistils or in powder, packaged in small envelopes for retail sale or in bottles for catering. Chestnuts are proposed in syrup, according to an ancient recipe from Aosta Valley. They are ideal to be consumed warm with bacon, accompanied with cheese, as side dish for game, excellent with ice cream or loose for greedy consumers.


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