Made in Italy: news on citrus exports in Asia and Europe

The citrus grown on the slopes of Etna by Oranfrizer have renewed their passport and have travelled since the beginning of the season - starting in November with 2KR lemons to Hong Kong with more than 8,000 kilometers far away. The Chinese distribution placed Sicilian lemons, three fruits in a tray, inside the highest quality stores as excellent fruits that come from an exclusive production area displaying detailed descriptions to consumers: the origin, the aroma and the unique taste are reported through social media and blogs, tutorial video spread on the web show recipes. One of these, it is a sweet lemon soup, cooked for 10 consecutive hours and served in very small portions as a hot and particular aromatic drink, a top quality  touch for the throat. “This year the season has started quite early, at the beginning of November we started to export our beautiful 2KR lemons to Asia as specifically requested - explains the export manager Sara Grasso – because in Hong Kong our lemon is well recognized for its fragrance, its sparkling acidity and its unique flavor. We will continue to focus on intercontinental mission, soon we will go to San Francisco for the Winter Fancy Food exhibition, then we will come back to Europe to attend Fruit Logistica in Berlin and immediately after we will fly to the Gulfood in Dubai. The good relationship with the buyers allows us to transmit the strengths given by the origin of our citrus fruit, a rare treasure we aim to  export for keeping high the perception of the “made in Italy” quality . In December the export of red oranges started in Europe and a very interesting news is that for the first time, UK appreciated “not very pigmented” Oranfrizer Tarocco clones. We have achieved a new  goal - explains CEO Nello Alba - the English market is the most exigent we supply and here for the first time  - in addition to the red color  that makes our orange distinctive among any regular orange with blonde pulp - all precious characteristics have been promoted: taste, nutritional value, the highest quality. We hope  the same will happens in Norway, where we export also our Sicilian regular oranges more appreciated than those from other countries of the world. The organoleptic superiority of “made in Italy” oranges finds more space in foreign markets and this year the export forecast is more optimistic than in last ones: 2 thousand tons of citrus fruit will be exported. Thanks to the big amounts, excellent pigmentation and high quality red oranges in  fields, Oranfrizer will be able to supply these markets for a longer period, until the end of the citrus season.


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